Return & Refund Policy

a) All Product exchanges and/or returns (including any repairs, damage, wrong delivered items), are subject to the following:-

i) Subject to (a)(iii), Customers can request for an exchange or return of a product within TEN (10) calendar days (“Returns Period”) from the date of the customer’s receipt of the delivered product (“Date of Product Receipt”). Customers are advised to perform checks on the spot upon receipt of a product to ensure it is not damaged or defective. Requests for any returns and/or exchange during the Returns Period may be performed by calling and seek the assistance of the Customer Service. A customer’s request for exchange or return shall not exceed three (3) times or no later than thirty (30) days from the first Date of Product Receipt, whichever is earlier, subject to the remaining terms in this Section (a).

ii) No exchanges and/or returns are allowed after the Returns Period save and except for defective products including repairs subject to the product warranty conditions and applicable laws. For the avoidance of doubt, a customer is not entitled to any exchange or returns after the expiry of the warranty period of the product subject to (a)(iii) below.

iii) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary and unless decided otherwise by at its absolute discretion, requirements for exchanges or returns shall be subject to the following failing which no returns or exchanges shall be allowed:-
• All products (including any free gifts or free promotional items and warranty cards (if any) associated with the purchase) must be in their original packaging with all tags, accessories, sales invoice, and warranty card (if any) enclosed and where any seal is attached, such seal must not be broken.
• Subject to product warranty conditions, digital items (such as Smart TVs, tablets, phones, photo printers, digital cameras) cannot be exchanged or returned if the original seal is broken OR if there is no seal and the original packaging is opened.
• No product may be exchanged or returned if it is specified in the warranty card that no exchanges or returns are allowed.
• All Products must be cleared of any defects or damage to the reasonable satisfaction of and/or business partners and/or supplier/manufacturer of product before any exchange or returns of products are completed or accepted by

iv) shall be entitled to charge customers a collection cost which shall be paid by the customer to the delivery provider at the point of the collection during and after the returns period.

iiv) For the avoidance of doubt, shall have the absolute discretion to decide on what products may be exchanged or returned. Customers are advised to call to speak with the Customer Service on the full list of items.

iiiv) During the returns period and subject to the terms contained herein, requests for exchange or returns are allowed for defective products within any valid warranty period. After the returns period and where the warranty period for a product is still valid, the customer must engage directly with the supplier or manufacturer (at their service center stated in the warranty card) if the customer wishes to request and demand any exchange or return. Where the service center of the supplier or manufacturer is not specified, then may, at its sole discretion, and at the request of the customer, collect the product free of charge from the customer and deliver the product back to the supplier or manufacturer on behalf of the customer. For the avoidance of doubt, a customer is not entitled to any exchange or returns after the expiry of the warranty period of the product.


a) Notwithstanding the terms of this Section (a) above, cancellation and refunds on returns requested for any product during the Returns Period shall subject to the following:-
i) Customers may cancel an order prior to the confirmed delivery of a product and request a refund if payment has been made (other than COD). Cancellation may be done by contacting any Customer Service. For the avoidance of doubt, once a product has been confirmed for delivery and/or delivered and received by a customer, the order cannot be canceled.
ii) Requests for refunds and the process of refunds will be subject to the terms on exchange and returns in Section (a) above and refunds will be processed after the successful clearance of any defects or damage on the returned product to the reasonable satisfaction of Customers may contact for full details of such a refund. Depending on the method of payment, refunds including the time frame of refunds are also subject to the terms imposed by the issuing bank.

b) For the avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise stated herein, no request for an exchange or returns or cancellations or refunds on a product may be made by customers after the Returns Period and the decision of with regards to this shall be final and binding.

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Last update: 22.02.2022